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New year's (?) purposes

Good morning everyone! :D


I know it’s strange but I’m happy today! Even if I still have my writer’s block, even if my new school year is going to start in... *checks clock* 20 hours. Ah fuck.

Anyway, new happiness, new LJ! I love autumn, I love yellow, and I love this cold air we have here in Italy these days.


But you don’t care a fuck about my schizophrenia, so let’s talk about my project for this journal.

First, I must make a new banner. -_-

Second, I’m going to post some fanfic here, in Italian (sorry). If I find a scanner I’ll post some pics too. Back to the fics: I’m organizing my blog (at least) cause I’ve a bad, bad feeling. The situation in the Italian fandoms is weird, but I’m mostly worried for the Celebrities fandom: our biggest fics’ archive has been quite strict in the last few months, forbidding and deleting stuff. Now, they’ve forbidden twincest on famous people (not that it interests me), and I think they’ll probably forbid real people slash, sooner or later. And this really SUCKS. Hell, I’m one of the few and most active My Chemical slasher! I live for Frerard!

Third. I remember of a third point, but not of his meaning. XD Oh well, I’ll edit.


Good bye my readers! ^_^


(...hey, is there anyone anyway? °-°)

PS: The lovely background is happily stolen from my school forum. :°D

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