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Why JKR's in my school? - What a shock!

Okay, so today was my first school day. It started badly with my bloody cat puking on my bed at 4.30 am (and fuck if I could sleep after that...) but then it went all well, friends and weird new profs and hanging around in the hallway...
Then, we saw her.
Our new headmistress is J.K. Rowling. I mean, she’s not like JK, she is JK.
So, shock. But hey, she looks nice at least. I wanted to yell in the courtyard “Miss! Miss! I read your book!!” but my friends stopped me. *sighs*
I slept BAD because of a... a thing I found just three seconds before bed, about My Chemical Romance. I was hyperventilating, y’know?
Holy shit you’re damn sexy
Why for God’s sake are you in drag? Why are you wearing... those things? God, WHY? ç_ç
I can’t take my eyes off from that photo. In Italy we would say I’m “profondamente costernata”, my bilingual dictionary says in English it would sound like “deeply dismayed”.
Oh well.
Also! New banner and I’m searching for another background (I’ve found a wonderful site with tons of autumn pics that are love <3). Yay!
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