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Fuck yeah

I may have actually flailed a bit when I found it in the comics shop. A bit.
And then proceded to almost shove it into Cate's nose and jump around knocking mangas off their shelves and walk out of the shop grinning like a maniac. And then keep on the creepy smile for, like, twenty minutes. Maybe less.
I love it. Love it love it LOVE IT. But I need a re-read to rec it properly. (Pff, like you could exspect more than a "yay it's awesome!!!1!eleventy" from me.)

Also, I bought One Piece 16 & 18, Sandman 16 & 17, Cesare 1 & 2 and Life 22. Already read Life - epic as always, and I like that after THE SADDEST STORY EVER we're finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of Doom. In the form of public umiliations and almost murder :°D Yay happy ending! For fuck's sake why I always follow quadrimestral series? Is that even a world? I don't think so, since having to wait four frigging months to see the nex issue of... everything is clearly mental cruelty, as far as I know. *sighs*
Next on the list are Sandmand, then OP. Then I'll bang Cesare against my head until all the awesomeness of the manga will enter my mind by osmosis, so I'll be able to write fucking Cesare threesomes. The only problem is my mom stole it the moment I put it out of my bag. Dear Lord. D'you think she'll give it back if I say I need it to write historically incorrect porn?
Comics shopping days are always bright days <3
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