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Ewai che ho perso un giorno. Colpa di Kant -_- Vabe', doppio post stasera per mettersi in pari.

Sharing is Caring! for one week, recommend/share:
Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six : a quote
Day seven : whatever tickles your fancy.

Fanfic: questo è un vero dramma. Volevo condividere qualcosa che non fosse Bexless, ho vagliato un po' di ipotesi ma alla fine non sapevo se dare la priorità a FOB, MCR, Panic o chi altro, così sono tornata a Bexless :°D Comunque è una collaborazione quindi sono prevedibile solo al 50% :P

Tell us a story by bexless & imogenedisease
It's the end of the world as these kids know it, and Gabe Saporta is throwing the party.
(Frank/Gerard, Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, William/Travis, William/Travis/Gabe, Mikey/Gabe, and a whole mess of others either past, implied, or unrequited.)

Motivi per leggerla:
1) William. Quando sono abbacchiata prendo e mi rileggo solo le parti di William e disturbo tutta casa ridendo.
Bill no longer wishes to be wearing pants.

"I no longer wish to wear pants," he informs Travis, who is currently acting as a man-shaped vertical recliner against which Bill can lounge.

Travis nods slowly. "I hear that."

Bill does not know who is thwarting his pool house plans - he hopes it is some of the short boys. Maybe all of them! That would be thrilling - but he is nothing if not resourceful. "Come," he says, taking Travis' hand in his own. "If there is one thing I can do, my love, it is find suitable locations for the removal of pants."

"I'm so glad I met you," Travis says happily, following Bill inside.

Bill squeezes his hand. "Of course you are!" He uses his superior height to look around the living room, packed with party-goers. "There," he says, gesturing expansively with his free hand. "There is a door."

"We should go to the door," Travis says. Travis is really such a terribly smart person. Bill is lucky to have found him.

"Yes," Bill says. "We should."

The door, it turns out, leads to a basement. The basement has a bed, which Bill approves of, but there appears to be a man already lounging on it. He sits up, and Bill revises his statement. There is an attractive man lounging on it.

"Hey," the attractive one says. "Welcome to the basement."

2) Ryan superlame fangirl di Gerard.
3) Brendon's Quest for Sex *muore*
4) Bob e Ray heterosexual lifemates (sì, in questo caso posso farmi una ragione che siano heterosexual)
5) Gerard! Frank! Il loro essere lifemates senza heterosexual! Frank e il pene di Gerard *muore2*
6) La prima volta of DOOM di Patrick *muore3*

...volevo anche reccare un libro, ma la scelta della fanfic si è bruciata tutti i miei neuroni. Diciamo... Comici spaventati guerrieri di Stefano Benni, che per ora è l'unico autore che abbia incontrato ad avermi fatto ridere e piangere contemporaneamente con la stessa intensità.
Tags: book, fanfiction, meme, recs
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