Will P. (p_will) wrote,
Will P.

Sing along!

Chairs thrown and tables toppled,
Hands armed with broken bottles,
Standing no chance to win but,
We're not running, we're not running.

The lines we cross in search of change,
but all they see is treason.

Time out, let's stop and think this through,
We've all got better things to do,
Than talk in circles, run in place,
Answers inches from our face.

When hope is non-existent,
Our instincts all scream "Run",
We never turn our backs or even bite our tongues.

Although we have no obligation to stay alive
On broken backs we beg for mercy, we will survive
(Break out!) I won't be left here
Behind closed doors.


Shh, ha senso. Lo spiegherò a esame finito.

It’s a brand new day
Yeah the sun is high
All the angels sing
Because you’re gonna die

Tags: misc: random, misc: sanity: you're doing it wrong, misc: wtf, music, music: rise against
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