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untitled [FOB; Andy/Joe]

Quando la luce salta e fuori piove, l'unica soluzione è prendere il portatile e al posto di portare avanti una delle quattrocento cose iniziate mettersi a scrivere pensieri in libertà. In inglese. Il mio stato mentale è seriamente compromesso, specie se il tempo è imoh e io pure. Non dite che non vi avevo avvisato.
Piena di errori, che lì resteranno fino a domani. Ora non ho voglia di riguardarla.

Andy and Joe don't really like the spotlights so much - and that's all luck for them to have Pete Attention Whore Wentz jumping around in front of every kind of camera known to human nature. They're the calm ones, the "normal" ones, they don't crave media exposure or whatelse.

They do enjoy staying on stage, anyway, thanksalot. Because of the fan and, like,
the music. Duh.

But they don't need adventures in their lives like many of their friends do. They're no Pete'n'Patrick, just to say one, with sappy declarations and undying adoration from both part.

They're not less in love, tough.

Just because they don't overload the internet with poorly written blog posts doesn't mean they're less in love than their bandmates. It simply means they're not that ridiculous (yet).

And if they're not seen everywhere togheter, or photographed in incriminating poses, or caught galncing dreamily one another, or heard talking non-stop about their mutual admiration/crush - well, it's because they're confortable in the background, with subtlety and quiet.

Also because Andy is a drummer. And Joe is - Jewish - laid-back - stoned -

("Joe is Joe" would say Andy, with a tiny smile such as at an inside-joke, or a secret, eyes warm and fond behind the glasses and the curtain of hair, in a soft voice.

Joe would look startled for a moment and then smile, too, just looking at him. Because to Joe Andy was never just a drummer.)

So they don't need great geastures, epic romances or equally epic angsty dramas. They kind of need only each other.
Tags: fanfic: ficlet, misc: english post, music: fall out boy
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