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I suppose I have to say hi

Hi! Yay, my first journal. My first post on my first journal, god I think I’m gonna faint.
Why did I open it? Dunno. Really, not jokin’, I don’t know. Simply, I woke up this morning whit this crazy idea crossing my head, “Let’s create a blog!”. And I mean ‘crazy’ because I haven’t anything to say to the world, and... the stuff I have it’s all written in Italian (cuz, uh, I’m Italian).

So, for this journal’s sake, I do promise I will translate my shit fics in English! I’ll try... And more, if I’m in a good mood I will post some of my scraps, too. Aren’t you happy? :D

Mostly useless PS: As I said, I’m Italian. I’m gonna try my really best not to make unforgivable mistakes, but... sorry. T_T I wanna improve my English, yosh!

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