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Banner! And projects...

It’s been a while. New post, only to say: OMG banner! :O I did it, I did it! Yeah, it sucks, but photoshop doesn’t like me. Me neither. >.> The clock in the photo is the one in my school: the building was built up in 1400 (as far as I know) so there is a nice courtyard with this clock. It lost long time ago its hands, and under the dial is written VOLAT IRREPARABILE TEMPUS (it's Latin, and it means "the time runs away irrevocabily"). Ah-a, that's the name I chose for this LJ. I think it's kind of poetic... well, in a really sad and pessimistic way.

I think I will post soon sometihng: I’d like to translate one on my Genma/Raidou fic (Naruto), hoping it won’t end up too horrible. I’m still practicing in translation and all that stuff. Maybe, I could also post some scraps... sigh, I wish I had a scanner... ._____.


If I make it in time, I’ll post before my trip to London. *dies thinking about two weeks in London with her friends*

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